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  1. I really hate when clothing, that isn't latex/leather/pvc looks shiny. There's one designer whose clothing designs I love and have for years until they started making everything shiny. Not everything should look like satin, silk, polyester. No, that linen blouse shouldn't shine! Not that I wear any of her recent items but I can only imagine how odd it will look if she tries PBR.
  2. Hi If the texture looks OK in Blender but different when applied to the object in-world then usually it is because the object has more then 1 UV map linked to it in Blender. Check to see if this is the case, Properties panel > Object Data tab > UV Maps. If more then 1 UV map either delete the one that you are not using or before exporting, select the correct UV map then in the Collada export panel use the SL+Open Sim Static presets which should automatically checks the Only Selected UV Map option. If you don't see the Prim option it is because in the SL mesh exporter > Physics panel you did not specify a Physics model to use. You can create your own custom physics model in Blender and choose to use that in the Physics panel > Step1: Pick a physics model (From file option) or simple choose the Cube option from this drop-down menu. This Cube will be stretched X Y and Z to fit your visual models bounding box. The in Step2: Convert to Hulls hit the Analyze button.
  3. Just use a hovercraft or an amphibious vehicle. Back in May of 2021, I did a nine hour trip across of all of SL's connected mainland continents. 😎
  4. "PBR means I can haz reflections, shiny clothes can haz reflections! I make all my clothes haz reflections nao with reflection probes!" There's a friend of mine who uploaded a PBR test of some latex outfit on DeviantArt, shortly after it went official, it doesn't in fact look any better than ALM-BP Materials, because they didn't have a reflection probe attached to it, or didn't understand that the side facing the camera will only reflect what's behind the camera, not the non-360 backdrop. PBR latex, or PVC, or any other non-metallic shiny clothing WON'T look ANY better without a probe attached, and attaching a dynamic probe to your avatar will tank your FPS.
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