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  1. Hello I listed 4 rental houses on MP but they were removed and blocked and I don't know why. Below are the listings with the LM. Orange house #4 1024m 205prims 175L/week Green house #3 1024m 207prims 175L/week Pink House #2 1024m 201prims 175L/week Yellow House #1 1024m 200prims 175L/week
  2. Is Borg search! Resistance is irrelevant.
  3. They really need to let us flag gaming things like that..That's one of the reason the main search gets clogged up.
  4. * MarkLand * 1024 sqm Square Grass Land for Sale or Rent in Ratmaw * 351 prims * Full Land Rights Included. Nice square grass plot. You can buy it or rent it, the choice is yours. There's a rent box in the corner, or you can buy it through the 'About land' window. Come and see it now: 1024 sqm 351 prims * MarkLand * Second Life Land Sales and Land Rentals MarkLand has been in the Second Life land business for over nine years and currently has land ranging from TINY 16 sqm parcels to 4096 sqm. There's always a good selection of land in various sizes and prices available for SALE or RENT, including some great roadside parcels. Residential, Commercial, Skyboxes, GTFO, Drivers of SL, Furries, Aura, DFS, Farms and Breedables welcome. When you're looking for land go to the MarkLand office: for the latest list of available land
  5. For me, this has never been the case. Example...some merchants use Dress in every single MP listing therefore showing me every single item in their store regardless of whether it's a dress or not.