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  1. You have to edit the PBR material to swap out the textures and for some features (like transparency/alpha). If you want to change the texture repeats, you do that in the texture tab after the PBR material is applied (it's the scale variable).
  2. What did I miss!?! I’ve been on a true blood binge most of the day.. then weirdness on SL.
  3. Some of the drama would be impossible to catch up with. Short version of major events these past 6 + months. 1. There was a sketchy blog post outside of SL insinuating naughty stuff with LL employees and child avatars. This lead to new rules for child avatars, which were not all well thought out. Numerous threads complained, argued, and made suggestions for changes to these rules, until LL did make some changes for the better. Child avatars are no longer allowed in Adult Regions, around naked avatars, or to be naked themselves. They can also AR people for propositioning them or being naughty around them. 2. The mobile viewer is available in beta to Premium and Premium Plus users. It's a bit of a mess still, but partially workable. 3. Physical Based Rendering (PBR) is available in the latest Linden and Firestone viewers. It allows mirrors to be created in SL & spiffy graphics, but some people say it doesn't work right on their older computers and makes them heat up too much. 4. Maitreya LaraX is gradually getting more clothes made for it, while some creators abandon Lara Classic. Blueberry is closing inworld, but the owner is rebranding as Kiwi & Co. 5. We had the SL21B celebrations and Shop & Hop. 6. New regions were added to the 2048 Ranch and Mediterranean regions, including more rail lines and a water connection to Sansara at Bleaberry Tarn. It looks like the rail line is going to go all around the Ranch regions and eventually connect to the Sakura regions too. 7. The Lindens & Moles have been quiet recently, which some people consider to be ominous, while others say they're probably taking their summer vacations.
  4. quiet place
  5. I think groups are very useful for finding out about events if you find a club or place you like and want to find out when there might be more than zero people there. I hate to subscribe or get on some list where you have to contact someone to be taken off it. The messages out of no where irk me to no end. Groups are easy.. even if I don't want the day to day spam. I can turn all that off and just look in notices sent to look up what might interest me. I have a Premium account and I don't hit the group limit with it. I do very easily on a non- paid account. I do hide my groups when I think about it. I don't like to advertise for some stores. Sometimes if I think the product is very good I'll keep it shown on purpose. I can't say I have a favorite group. I don't feel any real connection to most they are tools for information mostly, or needed for land permissions and the like. I could go on a rant about paying to join groups but I'll try to keep it short. I feel like if it's a store they get to advertise to you.. the cost to join should be low if you get other benefits from them.. in good gifts, credits or discounts. If you get major benefits sure the cost can be a little more but I'm kind of over that. I've felt ripped off in the past by two stores with rather large join fees. So I'm very wary of ever doing that again. For a club though.. to pay to join seems like they are shooting themselves in the foot. Clubs need to get the word out and bring in people. I can get if it's a very hot, popular place or a very niche private place with owners that are involved...(usually sex related). Mostly I just see greed there otherwise. I do get however that most people probably don't tip the venue and sometimes it's just to maintain the business.